Leather repairs in Chester

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Fully Trained Leather technicians up to date with the latest advanced methods and techniques
leather repairs
Insured to carry out work at your property and workplace on your leather furniture and cars
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We only use the premium leather products for repairs, restoration and colouring

Welcome to professional leather repairs in Chester, we are up to date fully trained technicians offering mobile restoration work on your furniture and automotive interiors plus much more. Compared to the cost of buying new having your leather items repaired will work out a lot cheaper and our technicians can achieve outstanding results for your leather sofa repairs in Chester or car interior.

Leather Items we can repair:

  • Sofas & Chairs
  • Car Interior
  • Boats
  • Leather Handbags
  • buses, trains or areoplanes 
  • Plus more

Services we provide:

  •  Rips and seam repairs
  • Colour loss
  • Cushion padding & Re-foaming
  • Leather colour changes
  • worn car seats
  • furniture structure repairs

Previous work

    When first purchased, leather furniture is beautiful but, years of ageing and in some cases a lack of care can leave these once stunning furnishings looking distressed and in need of considerable TLC. Our experts in Chester are fully trained to give your furnishings the love and care they deserve. Following thorough professional training, our experts benefit from a wealth of knowledge of repair techniques and the use of pigmentation and excellent levels of craftsmanship. Advanced leather repair and soft furnishing restoration are well within our skill set.

    Ageing and stains have significant detrimental effects on leather; be it a Chesterfield, a designer leather bag or that reclining chair but our experts have a great appreciation for such damage and can implement comprehensive resolutions to return to you the items you once loved.

    It may initially appear time consuming and cost accumulating to repair instead of replace but it’s quite the contrary; repairs are a fraction of the price of a replacement and avoiding an unnecessary new sofa or other leather item reduces our carbon footprint. In respect of time parameters, a repair can be completed relatively quickly.

    Recent testimonials

    Absolutely chuffed to bits with the recolour! Was nagging the hubby for months for a new sofa but I'm over the moon with the results and hubby saved some money!
    Megan hope
    Very pleasant chap, did the repair in good time and unnoticeable after.
    Highly recommend.
    Gary Owens
    Amazed with the end results.
    Was sceptical to how good it would look but i must say i was happily suprised! Thanks again Kathy
    Katherine Baines

    The breadth of our service expertise includes minor flaws, freckles and imperfections to full revivals of your desirable goods. Whilst image is crucial in contemporary society, we also take into account that some items will be held dear to your heart. We will always take into account that your possessions are things that you wish to protect and to be maintained in good order and we assure that they will be treated with the utmost care. We are always happy to see customers retaining what they adore instead of settling for an alternative.

    We will attend at a suitable time to suit your lifestyle and commitments and we will fully assess your furnishings to ensure that we give you the best possible solution. We can quote based on photographs but physical assessment is always preferred.

    “You will be amazed by the furnished article (no pun intended).”

    Discolouration can often occur due to a careless spill and our experts specialise in pigmentation utilities to guarantee that your furnishings will stand out for the right reasons and not the wrong. Our treatments will bring out the best; essentially bringing your furnishings back to their original and best standards.

    A walk around the City Walls, along the Dee or even a walk to observe the beautiful architecture of the City Centre will warrant both a bag that’s easy on the eye and a beautiful sofa that you can sink into. If your chair is unfortunate enough to have protruding springs, we will gladly undertake the art of re-foaming; rendering the sofa the best thing you’ve seen all day.

    Let us discuss your needs; we are certain that our skillset will meet your requirements and more.

    Below is a quick clip of recent leather repairs in Chester undertaken…

    Why wait? Dont buy new let professional leather repairs restore your leather and save you some money today…

    Thanks for visiting!