Leather repairs in Lichfield

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Fully Trained Leather technicians up to date with the latest advanced methods and techniques
leather repairs
Insured to carry out work at your property and workplace on your leather furniture and cars
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We only use the premium leather products for repairs, restoration and colouring

Welcome! We are a professional leather repairs company in Lichfield that make up a team of up fully trained technicians offering mobile restoration work on your furniture and automotive interiors plus much more. Compared to the cost of buying new having your leather items repaired and restored will work out considerably cheaper and our technicians can achieve outstanding results for all your leather sofa repairs in lichfield and car interior.

Leather Items we can repair:

  • Sofas & Chairs
  • Car Interior
  • Boats
  • Leather Handbags
  • buses, trains or aircraft’s 
  • Plus more

Services we provide:

  • Rips and seam repairs
  • Colour loss
  • Cushion padding & Re-foaming
  • Leather colour changes
  • worn car seats
  • furniture structure repairs

Previous work

    Our dedicated experts have engaged in a multitude of professional training courses; so much so that their technical and practical expertise with advanced leather repair and soft furnishing restoration just a mere string to our bow. We are indemnified by Insurer’s for Public Liability coverage in the unlikely event that something goes awry.

    Lichfield, in the Middle Ages was known to have a leather industry. Men worked in finished leather hats as saddlers and cappers. The appreciation of leather at this period was unrivalled but we pride ourselves on the restoration of leather to bring it back to its very best.

    As many leather owners will know, it’s a delicate material and can discolour, crack and simply deteriorate with age. The furnishings that had significantly affected your finances become displeasing to look at. Whilst at may seem that leathers should be discarded at the time, it is
    important to note that there is another way. The AC Leather Care team will implement their expert knowledge and vast experience and will look to regenerate your furnishings to your satisfaction.

    We are able to deal with all of your requirements; however diminutive and however large. Discolouration, cosmetic detriment and other markings are easily tackled with complete revamps, overhauls and colour matching being issues that we would love to assist with. Not only does our
    service mean that leather owners can retain any sentimental items but it prevents the need to spend significant sums of money on replacements.

    Recent testimonials

    Absolutely chuffed to bits with the recolour! Was nagging the hubby for months for a new sofa but I'm over the moon with the results and hubby saved some money!
    Megan hope
    Very pleasant chap, did the repair in good time and unnoticeable after.
    Highly recommend.
    Gary Owens
    Amazed with the end results.
    Was sceptical to how good it would look but i must say i was happily suprised! Thanks again Kathy
    Katherine Baines

    When contact is made with us, you and your furnishings are our guests. We will establish what you require; with such requirements being our priority and we will listen intently to your needs so that you can get the best out of our service. We are happy to receive photographs of your leather possessions and we will gladly try to estimate the cost of remedy but we will be better positioned to make a full, accurate estimation by physically attending your premises and assessing the full extent of the damage. This service would be undertaken at YOUR convenience.

    “You will be amazed by the furnished article (no pun intended).”

    How many friends and family members have accidentally spilled a glass of merlot or whose children have allowed a bolognese sauce to cascade onto their luxurious soft furnishings…Whilst is the most likely antagonist to leather due to chemicals and intense colours due to their effects on appearance and integrity, it does not mean that they are beyond economical repair. Our experts have extensive knowledge in the use of pigmentation to tackle such issues.

    Our services do not stop at appearance; we understand the importance of comfort and so many sofa’s are discarded due to broken springs. We offer a simple re-foaming which will satisfactorily alleviate the issue for a superior feel to the posterior.

    We understand that, at times a change is needed. Instead of going out of your way to buy a new sofa in a different colour, allow us to see if we can give your leathers a new appearance and lease of life.

    Below is a quick clip of leather repairs undertaken across Lichfield!

    Why wait? Dont buy new let professional leather repairs restore your leather and save you some money today…

    Thanks for visiting!